Fist blog

That should of course read “First blog”, but when I mistyped it, I felt a strange reluctance to change it for some reason.
I’m at my daughter’s house in Cornwall,the rain is lashing down outside at this start of the usual British summer, and I’m here with my trusty (rusty?- if TankGirl had a laptop it would look nothing like this, but it might be as heavy :))Laptop, bored, and reluctant to leave the pool of heat from the woodburner.
Yesterday afternoon I even got to put the top down for a few miles drive to the shop and back.Later on the sun shone beneath the clouds and turned the falling rain into a glittering cascade, the air full of falling stars, the car outside cloaked in a golden robe of water, magical moment.
Today, the Cornish sky is dark and turbulent, and the rain is just wet.
I am tired of playing with UNR on my netbook, reverted it to the backup of Linpus.
However, the lure of real ale in the Blue Peter and a lift back up the hill, are tempting us out into the weather.


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