It gets worse

Really hot today, had to put sunscreen on when I had the car roof down.
couple of deliveries, then to a customer who couldn’t receive faxes- turned out that the faxes were being forwarded to the wrong SMB share- sorted.
Then a “surprise install” new ineo 201, printing a doddle, but it is quite a cut-down box. Network scanning needs a csv address file to be imported with a web browser, ran out of time, going back tomorrow.
Then to the office , some more messing about with Seimens manager-E to reset a voicemail password, and change a couple of other items, signed out a RAK key for tomorrow’s print audit.
Installed Ubuntu server on the eeebox, using a USB stick, no time to set up VSFTPD though- out to another customer, install a card unit, update the firmware on an MFP, bit of training.
Home at last, tired out!


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