And so it goes

Friday, finished off what I could. New conundrum:
Customer has 40 fax lines. wants to reduce the lines, but each dept needs (wants, really) it’s own incoming fax number.
Suggested suffixing,  not an option.
So how?
Only suggestion I can come up (other than suffixing, or using incoming OCR to read the headers) with is fax forwarding to email address, but that means someone has to sort the faxes. Not going to be popular with whoever gets landed with that!
Lost my damned magic wand 😦

Spent 2 hours tryingto get one of 3 possible machines to produce a folded stapled a5 booklet with a card cover.
abandoned trying to print the colour cover at the same time then found that the interposer on one (brand new) machine didn’t work! Tried installing latest firmwares, no go. Booked hardware engineer callout, and turne dto the third machine which worked, thank goodness.

Drove down to Cornwall, late, hit debris from an RTA pile up entering Plymouth about 11.00, both offside tyres punctured, really lucky that no more severe damage to car. RAC Recovery truck and loan car got us to the house. Sleep about 4:30 dog tired.

Phoned up this AM, both offside wheels are damaged beyond repair, rims buckled where they hit whatever it was in the dark at 50MPH.
Amazing that the tyres didn’t blow out really, just lucky, I guess .


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