The rise and rise of the netbook:MS in denial

Seems that MS are trying to limit the functionality of Windows 7 on netbooks.
MS seem extremely hostile to the netbook idea, of course, no version of Vista will run on them, and XP pro is not available, even though it would work perfectly.
We are currently trialling one for our field service engineers.
Ability to read PDFs, doc files,etc.
Run windows based diagnostic programs and MFP utilities.
If it were not for the second item, a Linux based SSD unit would be fine. (in fact fact I use an Acer Aspire One for everything except that)
The unit we are trialling is a Hannspree, (actually a badged MSI Wind) with a 6 cell battery and a 10″ screen.
They are portable enough to actually fit in an engineer’s toolcase, and more than powerful enough to run the required software.
The only realistic alternative would be a (much more expensive)UMPC.


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