Watching TV on my Netbook

Just to see if it would work.
Standard Acer Aspire One,  512Mb Ram, 8GB SSD. Tried to install MythTV frontend on Linpus, the package was not in the repos, so installed latest Ubuntu Netbook Remix – nice frontend.
MythTV works, but the wifi is too slow to transfer video reliably.
However, the wired connection is fine!
Now to find something worth watching 😉

I was quite pleased to see that there is no swap activity that would shorten the life of my SSD, the little Atom processor is a real marvel, the fan stays on low speed, so the stream can’t need a lot of processing power to play.

I did think about upgrading the memory, but the warranty would be void if I did, and It doesn’t seem to struggle with 512Mb


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