Remote support software part 2

Well tried NTR, Bomgar, Crossloop, and UltraVNC so far.
NTR and Bomgar are very similar, nice interface, not too much lag, not seen the pricing on Bomgar yet.

Crossloop appears much faster, but involves both parties creating an account and downloading software, not really ideal.
UltraVNC with “SingleClick” seems like a nice free solution, but it is a little more complex to set up (port forwarding, configuring the MD5 key, etc) However, it produces a nice branded “one-shot” server, and deletes itself afterwards, which I found attractive.
We could also set it up in repeater mode, with a server in the DMZ, to avoid direct PFs through the firewall.

Found a package called “4remotesupport” which seems to use UVNCSC as the underlying structure, based in America, with an intermediate server. Better pricing.

Will try that after the weekend.


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