Remote control software decision

Well, we have signed up today with NTR for their pro package, got an “end of the month trying for sales target” price for our first year’s subscription.
Their package is good, and we got a good price. the software is simple to use, and optimises graphics for the speed of the link.
We did also get the free and excellent VNCSC working, but this solution is more flexible, we don’t need ports open in the firewall, we can use it from any location, we just need to use one username and password for all techs, and it is unlikely that we will need more than one operator logged in at a time.
This is fine for our situation, we do not need a full time support app, and we may only use this once or twice a week. (although the “stay connected” sessions may be useful for monitoring servers)


One thought on “Remote control software decision

  1. thanks for the nice comments. We hope you give NTRsupport Pro
    a good test drive and we would love to hear your comments on how to continue to improve the product. Don’t forget you can download this to a USB drive and carry it with you and launch from any computer.

    Andrew Harsch
    VP Marketing

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