How much can we simplify Linux?

I just had a “First steps with Linux” article printed in a popular UK computer Magazine.

It was designed to tell  the new user what to do after they had successfully installed UBuntu.

The Distro was chosen as being the most mainstream, and I thought that too many articles on Linux drop the user after installation.

Most of the feedback on the Magazine’s forum was positive and complimetary.

Except one.

The post in question was a request for a “total idiots guide to Linux”.

Well  I thought that was what I had provided.

The poster went on to mention unfamiliar terms like “distro” and “grub” (both of which were explained in the text), followed by a

complaint about “typing symbols” and “Where should they be typed”

(again this was explained in the text)

The CLI “taster” section was less than half a page of an 8 page, 6000 word  article.

I did hesitate to include  it, but felt that it was necessary for completeness.

The poster must have skimmed the article without reading it, and picked anything that he did not instantly recognise as a problem, and then complained.

I suppose for users like that, the best advice with regard to Linux is “forget it, unless you can get someone else to set it up for you.”

I have several Linux users who would have no idea about installing or maintaining Linux, who happily use it on a daily basis, with no problems.

All the real complaints come when windows users try to install it themselves.


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