KDE4- the revelation

Well, after a long time as a KDE3 user, I was staring into the barrel of a warm gun.
Opensuse 11.2- KDE4.
I had to decide, move to KDE4, become (shudder) a Gnome user, or move to my best alternative- XFCE.
I had tried KDE4 in earlier incarnations, stability and usability issues stopped me experimenting further.
I finally bit the bullet and installed in a VM to test.
At first it was confusing, but once I threw away all convention and read the manual, it worked well.
After a short period of acclimatisation, it just works so well for me, I am astounded by the logicality of it all!
I have played with various GUIs, and this is a real revelation.
Not the half hearted redraw of Vista or win7, but a new, well thought out approach.

As for Opensuse, my dual monitors were identified and configured, along with my Wacom Bamboo tablet, I now have seperate Xserver settings for each login, and it just works smoothly, including interfacing to Exchange on the laptop.

Yes, it is still in development and there is the odd rough spot, but overall, a real advance in usability.
It now sits happily on my main desktop and my dual boot Work Laptop.

Bravo KDE team, and plaudits for the OpenSuse team too!


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