Windows 7 and the lost 4 hours

The previous post was written when 7 first arrived.
However, we have recently been forced by an XP update trashing 2 HP PCs, to “upgrade” them to Vista, so that the network cards would work!
These 2 PCs came with a “free” (cost £21 each) upgrade voucher for 7, so decided to test 7.


I have a nice, if rather heavy, Dell laptop, it came with XP, and I have installed OpenSuse 11.2 on it.
all works, but decided to bite the bullet and install 7.
The initial install went OK, used all the 200GB free space on my disk, but I can change that later…
Of course my OpenSuse distro was unreachable, so popped the OpenSuse disc in and recreated the boot manager.
all ok, then decided to install Office 2007.

All went well, up until the blue-screen that is.
After Office 2007 had crashed my PC, Windows7 tried to repair it and my OpenSuse install disappeared. Tried to reinstall Office, no go. after various attempts, safe mode logins, etc. and following instructions from various Microsoft help links, gave up and wiped 7 and started again.
This time, the mouse stopped working half way through the install…ho hum, wipe and try again.
So far, this time it seems to be working, but I still haven’t got an OpenSuse boot option.

Now I know how Linux newbies feel….

Update:windows XP no longer boots either…..


2 thoughts on “Windows 7 and the lost 4 hours

  1. Oh, LOL! I’m a Linux newbie (but I’ve hopped a little – enough to get a little idea of what I want in a distro) and I know how that feels. Your story explains why alot of Windows users have gone back to XP (and maybe why XP is still the Microsoft choice for netbooks). I’m sure OpenSUSE is awesome, I’ve heard only good things about it.

  2. Hi, well after hibernating, (I’d given up in disgust and left it sitting at a desktop background with no icons while I had a bath) XP resumed to a working desktop.
    Next step is to reinstate the Opensuse entry in the bootloader.

    All the versions of Linux have their good and bad points. I like OpenSuse, but I also use Mythbuntu for my media centre and Ubuntu for my netbook

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