7 versus Lucid

Well, I’ve installed Ubuntu 10.4 (aka Lucid Lynx) on 11 PCs so far, including 2 netbooks and a laptop, all without tears (even my
Mythbuntu box, which is running all sorts of wierd stuff, upgraded without problems)

The PCs are 2 netbooks and a laptop, 2 desktop PCs in general office use for exchange email, data input, web ordering and wordprocessing, etc., an FTP relay,a Kitchen PC (mini-ITX), a Mythbuntu PVR/media centre, 2 home user desktops and my multi-OS testbed machine.

These include Nvidia, ATI, and GMA graphics, Intel P4, Atom, Core duo and Celeron 2, AMD single and dual core, various screens, chipsets, drives, opticals, peripherals, etc, etc.

Flavours include UNR, Desktop 64&32 bit, mythbuntu 64.

After running 7 and Lucid side by side on my laptop for some time now (since ubuntu RC1), Ubuntu is actually far more stable than 7, but to be fair, I do have a lot of specialised software installed on 7.

7 generally fails to recover from Hibernation and it has crashed a couple of times when plugging in an external projector. The wifi and VPN sometimes go on holiday too, whereas Lucid has remained rock solid.
In most respects, Lucid is a very well behaved and flexible desktop, and it is just nicer to use than 7.
I personally find the clunky start menu and reduced features in 7 an annoyance. “Classic view” is no longer available, and making changes to the look and feel is not as easy as it should be.

And before anyone says it, no CLI required on any of these installs, apart from Mythbuntu and the FTP relay (and that was not required except for some of the more specialist stuff that most users wouldn’t need anyway).


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