Back from the the brink…

Sometimes the easiest things become difficult.
I decided to swap the monitor on my living room PC.
The new monitor is physically the same size, despite having a slightly larger (23″ as opposed to 22″) visible screen. It also has a higher resolution, 1920×1080 instead of 1640×1050. So I thought it would fit nicely in the bookcase where the current Samsung was.
First problem: no VESA mount, so needs the stand.
Had to move one of the shelves.
Homemade bookcase, screwed together, but not too much of a problem.
Half an hour later, boot up, on HDMI lead. no picture.
Close down, boot on vga ok.
Reboot, oops, caught power lead, pc switched off, Boot up, kernel panic.
After a short google, downloaded and tried Rescatux recovery CD.
Brilliant package! PC working again.
Now just have to figure out why monitor not working with HDMI>DVI lead.(sigh)


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