Sugar free…..No, Really Sugar free.

A recent diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes has caused me to take stock.

So no more snacking, no more high sugar recipes, Healthier alternatives..

I was quite interested when I saw The Great British Bake Off listing a sugar freeĀ  round, then I watched it and was horrified.

Nobody came up with a sugar free recipe.

They all used sugar substitutes, such asĀ  Agave Nectar, Molasses or Honey.

Now, Honey may have trace elements and add flavour, but at the end of the day, it is still a sugar syrup.

Agave nectar is a highly processed product loaded with Fructose (even higher than HFCS), which is arguably worse for you than granulated sugar.

Let’s be honest people, recipes using Honey, Agave Nectar or Molasses aren’t “sugar free”.

I suppose that you could call them “healthier sugar”, although even that label is debatable.

Although they are sweeter than table sugar, so you might be able to use less, they are still sugar.

They are certainly not good for diabetics.

So, I am going to investigate sugar alternatives.