The Cabrio is back!

 Well, Megan is back, and the horrid little Ka is back in Plymouth, where it belongs.
Excellent end to the Polperro festival, The rolling Clones on big green on saturday, followed By the Gumbo Flyers on Sunday, then Tom Palmer outside the Crump.
Comfortable journey back on Monday.
Then Busy week, ended running cables to new office for “E-commerce” department.

This weekend went to eldest daughter’s, Grandson’s PC running Win7 trial, seems to work well enough.
It recognised and set up the microphone for the cheap PCWorld webcam, but no video.
Took a chance and tried installing the XP drivers.. they worked fine!
Maybe that says something about what’s really under the hood of Win7?


Courtesy Ka

Finally got a courtesy car (a Ford Ka) from the repair company, plus a shock, my car needs 2 new wheels and tyres, a new fuel tank and a couple of other items from underneath.
Unlikely that it will be ready before next Thursday, I’ll have to come backm for the weekend to pick it up.
We were very lucky that we weren’t hurt and the damage was not worse.

Another world

Well, the Southwest might as well be one.
Wednesday, and still no news about the car, the repair shop in  Plymouth picked it up from the recovery compund Monday, and still haven’t even looked at it to estimate the repair!
At this rate, I’ll be using a courtesy car to get home 😦
Just lucky I can use my daughter’s car while I’m down here and she’s in France, but I can’t take that to Birmingham.

The week roars on

Well, Wednesday, and the day started with a software issue in Worcester, the recall to complete the install in Stratford (ended up using scan to email, which the customer actually preferred!- there is a packet fragmentation issue with SMB by the look of it), a Print audit in Rugby, a Print driver losing it’s preset Icons in Coventry, and finally back to the office and the dead FTP server.
Setting up a relay FTP server in the DMZ SHOULD be a trivial job, except – I didn’t build this one, and there is no documentation, thanks to the guy on holiday 😦
Faffed around trying to revive the old box, but no go.
Took a chance and swapped the hard drive into another old box with a Gigabyte chipset Mobo.
Result! -except the network card is now eth1 (hald), and I don’t know the admin password, so can’t change the IP address, tried all the usual suspects, but no go.
Out of time, going home.

This morning, reset the Ubuntu server administrator password, (note, NOT the root password) and logged in.
So easy to do when you have physical access to a Linux box!
Edited the  /etc/network/interfaces file
with VIM ( I hate that editor, and the Ubuntu version seems to have different settings for command modes etc, but couldn’t be bothered to install nano).
Restarted the Phantom process on the commonsense server, linked in- everything works.
Now to put the virtual users in place on the eeeBox, set up the file structure. AND DOCUMENT IT.
Tested out the Mythweb tool on my MythTV box at home, I had set everything up correctly, but forgot to tick “enabled” in the port forwarding on the router-Doh!
Cool, I can download or stream recordings or music across the internet. Will be great for next week, when we return to the daughter’s house (which is sans TV) to cat-sit while they are in France.
We may not need it, but if the weather turns bad, it would be nice to have our own taste in music available 🙂

Sunday return

To Seaton for breakfast at the amazing beach cafe, growing and blossoming, new additions every time we visit.
See Daughter and partner off to sea in a kayak 🙂
Drive home uneventful, but too hot to drive far with roof down (29C) stop at M&S at Exeter services for sandwiches, then ASDA in Bristol for Shopping, home at about 4:30, nice cool house, clear blanket weed from Pool pump and feed Koi, Beef wellington for dinner, early night.

Fowey and further

Well, yesterday afternoon a pleasant journey to Fowey via the ferry, an excellent Pub lunch in the Galleon, nicely cooked and presented, Good size portions, huge serving of lovely salad. Well kept Doom bar, then a nice drive back to prepare a Crab Linguine at home.
nice evening.
Today our lunch at Trago was dreadful, possibly the worst “steak pasty” I have ever eaten, 80% potato and swede, with 3 lumps of gristly meat. Will not be eating there again!
The drive home with the top down, however, was a pleasure, the weather is glorious.
To Talland and the virgin voyage of the new Kayak, surprisingly easy to inflate and assemble, very stable on the slightly choppy seas.
Back home (too late, really) for an excellent Pizza and salad.

Quiet morning

A quiet morning with my laptop, daughter and wife at Aquarobics, daughter’s partner at work.

Well, I suppose I should get into the habit of posting to the blog.

Beer in the Blue Peter yesterday up to the usual excellent standard, I had Tribute, interesting that they have Sharp’s back in stock, I’ll try the Doom Bar next time.

Trike on the MM forum posted a link to “The Crimson Room” Flash based FPS puzzle game.

Wasted an hour before breakfast.:)

Going to Fowey this am if the weather improves.