Moving an ACT!Pro 2018 database to a shared drive.

I recently had to do this for a customer, and despite many people saying it is impossible, or saying that you need ACT! installed and licensed on the target machine, (and indeed if you have it is far simpler) once you step through it, it works quite well.

Originally they had set up ACT! on their server, but had never activated it, so the trial period had elapsed by the time they came to set up their second workstation.

They wanted to move their ACT!Pro database from their first workstation to their server so that it would be backed up by their backup software, and they could use it from their 2 workstations independently.

You do need ACT! to have been installed on Both PCs at some point.

The reason this was complicated was that the customer only had 2 licenses, both of which were in use. However, you can run ACT! in trial mode for 30 days, and even after that has expired (which was the case here), the SQL backend remains functional unless you uninstall it.

So here are the steps. This comes with NO WARRANTY, so not for the faint hearted.

I advise you to take multiple backups and check and repair as much as possible.

I will try to add some screen shots later.

Moving an ACT!Pro database to a shared drive.

1.Backup database, do a check and repair, and backup database again.

2.Make a copy of the database from within ACT!, tick “share this database”.

3.Open the newly copied database to verify it, then close it and close ACT!

4.Launch ACTdiag.exe

5.Select the new database and detach it.

6.Copy the entire new database folder to a shared drive on a PC which has had ACT! installed so has MSSQL backend. ( You can use the trial version) DELETE THE ORIGINAL FOLDER, otherwise ACT! may continue to use the local database-files folder.

7.Open the .pad file in the new folder with notepad and edit the hostname and share path to match new host and share path., then save

8.Launch actdiag.exe on the new host

9.Use actdiag.exe to attach the newly copied database and also change the storage location to the new host. (this is the sub folder “<databasename>-database files”)

10.Directly share the new database’s “<database-name>-database files” folder.

11.Open from shared drive, (ACT! may verify it before you can open it).

12.Tidy up

I have advised that they get a license for the server act! install, but for now they are sorted. They can even run the ACT! scheduler for backing up etc.