I hate .net and VB

Why is it that everyone and his dog thinks that they can use VB and .net as a RDE, and matc h it with SQL or SQLexpress?

The result is a SQLmess, to be honest.

Our secondary Windows server (the main one using SBS runs a popular accounts package, Exchange, and not much more) now has 2 SQL instances, one of which (our CRM package) is a proprietary Tailored one, which insists on it’s own locked in backup system, and every now and again argues with our Document management package, which holds onto port 6100, (unchangeable). The CRM app has a sync server that will only sync if you log in and restart the service every now and then.
On top of that the print/email/fax and Jobsheet plugins for our UniVerse database are both written in VB  and .net, and take turns dying without warning, along with the outlook client.

The event log is filled with VB errors, complaining about multiple VB applications, SQL errors, etc.
Yet all of these applications are installed and configured by the book.


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