Linux Girls

Linux girls:

Slackware: The sex is fantastic, but she needs 3 weeks of foreplay.

Suse: Just when you think things are steady and reliable. You are
really going somewhere together, you find out she’s been sleeping with
Bill Gates

Ubuntu: You get on well, even though she always likes to dance in a
ring and her favourite colour is brown. Then she has her monthly update
and you fall out.

DSL: small and perfectly formed, but you can’t get to know her.

Mandriva: comes on strong, seems easy to live with, but is really a control freak

Mint: supercool, slinky and sleek, but she has issues with the size of your hard drive

Puppy: She has eyes that make you melt, but then you find that she lives on a USB stick, and will connect with anyone

Red Hat: She may not dress well, but she’s reliable and solid. Unfortunately, she’s a bloke.



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